Status Levels, Annual Benefits & Your Access Pass to World Cup Tickets

U.S. Soccer Membership is the official member program uniting fans of the U.S. Men's and Women's National Teams. Members receive exclusive benefits to get closer to the organization. Membership is the path to maximize your experience with U.S. Soccer.

World Cup Tickets

U.S. Soccer Members will have the opportunity to purchase FIFA Women’s World Cup France 2019 tickets ahead of the general public in U.S. Soccer’s allotment. Priority will be given based off of your current status level.

Status Levels

We know that our fans are among the most dedicated in the world. We want to recognize and reward that loyalty. We do that through four premium status levels: Blue, Red, Silver, and Gold.

Members advance through the status levels by earning Caps and Years, with each progressive level encompassing more enhanced benefits. 

Caps: Members earn one Cap for every senior National Team match attended. (Note: games attended prior to being a member will not be added to your account.)

Years: Members earn one Year for every consecutive year as a member of the club.

Membership levels.png

Achieving status comes through accumulating Caps and/or Years - whichever is highest. Once earned, you can keep your Membership status for life as long as you maintain an active Membership. If your Membership lapses, all status is lost and must be re-earned. (You can also skip the wait to earning automatic GOLD status by making a donation to join an elite Circle supporting the U.S. Soccer Development Fund.)

ready for more?

Consider going bigger by joining an elite Circle supporting the U.S. Soccer Development Fund.

Your gift unlocks even more exclusive benefits - including first access to the U.S. Soccer ticketing allotment to France next summer - and helps support development programs to build the sport of soccer in the United States. Join a Circle today.